This program is designed to assist and provide young people with academic support.  The program is a year long program that offers tutorial sessions on a weekly basis. The program offers tutoring on math, science, and/or any other subject that the young person may be having difficulties with.  Participants are required to go through an assessment process that will identify and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.  After participants complete their assessments they are provided with an individual plan of action and recommendations.


 Other workshops and/or program activities will be offered in the following areas:


1) Computer Development/Application;  2) Conflict Resolution, with emphasis on preventive and intervention techniques; and 3) Life Management, highlighting developing positive goals and objectives.  Upon completion of the one year program, participants will be offered the opportunity to participate in the “maintenance” component which will provide, as needed, additional tutoring.  All sessions will be conducted by expert consultants and professionals in their related fields.


All activities related to this program will be monitored and evaluated by the organization’s Board of Directors. 15% of the organization’s time is spent on this program.