The organization has developed the matter of adopting a school and adopting a child. The program centers on a chosen and needed school that allows chosen professionals to target schools that are struggling with student oriented issues over and beyond the matters of basic academics. These issues when not properly dealt with causes the overall effectiveness of the learning experience to suffer. This program targets the child or children that needs attention or outside intervention and work in a one-on-one to aid and assist the teacher with social, emotional, and family lifestyle issues of the targeted child improve the learning experience of the child and the overall effectiveness of the academic process


This program is a year long program that offers workshops and/or program activities at the school and often away from the school.  Participants in this program will have the opportunity to become involved in a program that promotes stability, good citizenship and character.  Prior to enrollment participants will be evaluated on their attitudes and behaviors so that a final evaluation can be conducted to observe the strengths and weaknesses of participants following the program. 


Establishing a one-on-one relationship with the chosen student will be preceded by an extensive referral process and agreement between the Mentor, the Teacher, and School Officials as needed.


All activities related to this program will be monitored and evaluated by the organization’s Board of Directors.