The organization is committed to helping youth and their families build and enrich family relationships.  Because of  breakdown in family relationships and problems with family unification, the organization is determined to assist people to develop and implement new standards for family relationships.  This program is designed to provide support to persons to enable them to be strong and effective family units.  This program will work with 5 youth and their families on a 12-month basis, every Monday and Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  Weekly sessions, workshops, lectures, etc. will focus on leadership development, family problems/conflict resolution, effective parenting skills, crisis intervention skills and communication.  Once a month each family will be required to participate in a group session, involving all members of the family, that will concentrate on individual family problems and/or concerns.  This program will lay the foundation for families to become more productive and supportive within their family units.


This program will be coordinated and monitored by the Board of Directors of the organization.  All group sessions, workshops, lectures, training, etc. will be conducted by certified professionals in their respective fields.  Approximately  15% of the organization’s time will be spent on this activity.