“I have found Dr. West to be dependable, resourceful, and a man of integrity”. (Thurbert Baker, former Attorney General for the State of Georgia)

“Mr. James West is a well rounded individual with a plethora of knowledge and the wisdom to apply it”. (Dr. A. E. Wright, Church of the Redeemed International Ministries)

“Mr. West is very well versed in organizational development, business management and instruction. He has demonstrated his understanding of fairness and responsibility” (Bishop Henry Washington, Office of the Ecclesiastical Council)

“I have found Reverend West to be a gentleman of great integrity and responsibility”.(Connolly Oyler, Attorney at Law, Beverly Hills, California)

“James Alvin West has a humble and genuine passion for people while delivering well organized plans to achieve targeted goals and objectives”. (Bishop George Ward, The Ecumenical Alliance of International Fellowships and Ministries, Inc.)

“Dr. James Alvin West always provides rich content, courageous, colorful and clear presentations that energize students to learn and do their very best,” (Rev. James Perkins, Pastor at True Friendship M.B.C., in Inglewood, California)

James West is a man of integrity whom has exhibited great character, trustworthiness, sound and excellent judgement in all types of situations.(Dr. Wanda Turner, National & International Evangelist)

James West has always measured his profession with his faith. He has always shown himself to be a man of commitment to his beliefs.(Elder Duncan Philips, Berean Bible Fellowship Church of Carson, California)

James Alvin West is organized, focused, dependable, trustworthy, courteous, vigilant, flexible, and able to communicate well.(Jackie Mason, State of Georgia Department of Law)

James West is known as a 'friend' to those who are recipients of his knowledge and wisdom.(Deborah Washington, Standard Technology)

Dr. West has always followed through on his promises and completed his assignments in a thoughtful and competent manner.(Ropbert Alan Sheinbein, Attorney at Law, Beverly Hills, California)

Reverend West brings to life the realities and possibilities of modern-day applications of the timeless picture of practical ministry.(Kenneth C. Ulmer, Presiding Bishop over the Macedonia International BibleFellowship, Johannesburg, South Africa)
“He passes the message of the cross out with conviction and passion,” (Pastor Anu Ojo of Lagos, Nigeria)
“Doctor West proved himself to be an anointed and skilled communicator of the Word,” (Dr Henry Colin Kirby BTH. MA Leadership, DMin., Founder of Eden Ministries, Cape Town, South Afric).
“Rev. James West is a knowledgeable Man of God. His teachings are bible based and inspirational.”(Pastor Victoria Oyegunle CAC God is Love,  London, England)
“Hearing Dr. James West deliver real expository preaching in this age of the all inclusive, non-offensive, motivational preaching is nothing short of refreshing”. (Charles A. Campbell Senior Pastor/Founder Koinonia Evangelistic Center Moreno Valley, California)





"Every now and then, God combines the strength, power and courage of Deborah, Esther and Mary and wraps it around his anointing for Kingdom purposes.  Such is the personhood of DeEtta West.  Whether in her home as Wife and Mommy; or in Corporate America as professional administrator or in the pulpit as psalmist, teacher or preacher...Detta West exemplifies God at his best.  She is a blessing to the world and the Body of Christ". (Dr. Wanda A. Turner, President, Calling First Ladies, Inc.)



If you don't "get up" after reading this book - you would have to be dead - and even then, if you read a few pages of this book to a dead person I'm convinced they still might get up. (Terri McFaddin, Author, Lecturer, Songwriter)

In a world and time where people are questioning the presence and validity of Jesus the Christ comes a gentle reminder named DeEtta West that Jesus the Christ is alive and well.  DeEtta exemplifies the spirit of the Christ in here life.  In every aspect of life, whether in her speech, her personality, or her over all life style, you can see and feel Jesus in her.  Everything and everybody she touches is blessed because she's blessed.  I've received her as a husband and friend for 25 years.  As you allow her to touch your life you'll be allowing yourself to be tremendously blessed.(Dr.James Alvin West, Husband & Co-Ministry Partner)



I consider it an honor and a privilege to endorse the ministry of Ms. DeEtta West.  As an Evangelist, she has been an angel to me as she ministers over my life, my business, my health, and my marriage. The monthly Get Up Gatherings help me gain a clearer vision towards my purpose in life in relation to fulfilling Gods desires.  I have incorporated her books and tapes into my meditation and always look forward to our personal time together as we share intimate and testimonial experiences.

I strongly recommend witnessing her motivational speaking engagements, attending her self-empowered weekend retreats, reading her inspirational books, listening to her eye opening tapes and receiving her stimulating e-newsletters. Your life will never be the same. Prayerfully, I trust you will become as enriched as I have by leveraging and increasing your spiritual relationship. (Kamila Brown Washington, Chief Executive and Publicist at KAMILEON Management Group, LLC. Atlanta, GA)DeEtta truly has a gift to motivate and inspire here listening audience.  She is very charismatic and captivates her audience by being real about issues concerning women, marriage and spirituality.  Her candor and willingness to address those dare to ask issues women face is priceless.  She speaks annually at a conference in Palm Springs and everyone always look forward to her powerful and informative sessions.  If youve never heard her speak, hold on to your hat and tighten your shoe laces because she will knock your socks off. (Laretha Norwood, President/CEO, NC2 Marketing)

I have known DeEtta West for almost 10 years, and for most of that time I worked with her at The WB Television Network.  DeEtta was not only the spiritual leader and the heart and soul of The WB, but is a woman with unparalleled integrity.  She was and still is widely loved and admired by all WB staff members who come in contact with her.  It has been a real privilege to work with her, and more importantly to have her in my life as a friend.(Mitch Nedick, EVP Finance & Operations, The WB Television Network)


I have known DeEtta West but a short while, yet I feel as if Ive known her a lifetime. DeEtta conveys an enthusiastic, accomplished, spiritual essence that is a rare find today. She is warm and engaging offering assistance at every turn by often taking on many projects with an exuberance that is unsurpassed. When I have needed her for Starlight she has always come through for our charity... making presentations, being a guest on television and serving for two years as a Chairperson for our biggest fundraiser, the Starlight gala. It is with deep admiration and appreciation of DeEtta that I write this.(Beverly Losman, Executive Director, Starlight Children's Foundation Atlanta, GA)

DeEtta West is an amazing woman with a testimony filled with fascinating stories about how God supernaturally (and in some cases, quite unexpectedly) changed her life.  Her story of hope is an inspiration for me as well as other women of God around this country.  Through her example, we are encouraged to Get Up! and Get Moving!  There aren't enough words to tell you of my esteem for her.  She opened her home, her family and her heart to me.  And continues to exemplify Today's Virtuous Woman.  Suffice it to say, her ministry is about to take off in directions only God knows, and I can't wait to see where He takes her!  If she comes to your town, I encourage you to go see her.  You will be blessed.(Stephanie Grimes Publisher, Today's Virtuous Woman Magazine)

Minister DeEtta West is truly an anointed woman of God.  She possesses not only the gift of delivering the Good News in a way that reaches the ordinary person, but also has the ability to bless the people of God with her incredible voice. Minister West is raw and transparent.  She has the stuff that cuts right through pretension and gets to the heart of the matter.  Gifted, talented, anointed, and a blessing to the saved and unsaved.  I'm blessed to know her.(Elder Marc T. Little, C.O.O. & G.C., Faithful Central Bible Church, Inglewood California

De Etta West is a Woman of God that possesses His anointing power, and truly knows how to rightly divide the Word of truth.  She is a special friend that God has given many Graces and she uses them all to the glory of God. What the world needs now, is more DeEttas!(Mrs. Evelyn Perkins, First Lady, True Friendship Baptist, President Ministers Wives &Ministers Widows of Inglewood, California & Vicinity)   


West Ministries is a ministry that I am most proud to be affiliated with.  Rev. DeEtta has accepted a great calling in which she continues to grow others in the building of their relationships with Christ!  I highly endorse this ministry to all seeking to grow and go further in Christ.(Rev. Christopher Ervin, God In Action Ministries & Publications, Inc.)